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Head of Wealth


Anna Bareket is a highly regarded finance specialist responsible for coordinating and supporting investment processes. At SmartGen, she is responsible for interaction with banks, investment houses and other financial institutions in Israel.


Anna's education highlights her professionalism: she received her MBA from Bar-Ilan University and her Masters in Education from the Minsk Pedagogical Institute. With over 30 years of experience in financial advisory for private clients and companies, Anna has a wealth of investment experience in the Israeli and foreign markets.  For more than 10 years Anna has been a certified investment adviser and advisor. She possesses in-depth knowledge due to more than 30 years of experience at one of Israel's leading banks, Hapoalim. Her approach to work is based on the ability to find ways beyond standard solutions and the desire to innovate.


As Albert Einstein said, "It's just crazy to do the same thing and expect different results" - this quote perfectly reflects Anna's professional philosophy.

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