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Senior Relationship Manager

Inessa Neiman is Senior Relationship Manager at SmartGen and received her Master's degree in Corporate Law from the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).


At SmartGen, Inessa is responsible for analyzing client assets, taking into account Israeli banking compliance requirements. She drafts packages of documents for credit institutions and represents clients before various public authorities and private companies in Israel.

Inessa started her career in the legal field, working in a law office, where she gained experience in representing clients in court, bankruptcy. She was also involved in preparing procedural documents and contracts, handling bankruptcy cases and coordinating regional cases.

Later on she managed the loan portfolio of an insolvent bank at the law firm GR Legal, and was involved in the preparation of procedural documents, while also representing interests in court and bankruptcy cases.

At TRUST Bank Inessa worked on financial projects and court representation, representing the bank in bankruptcy, corporate and financial disputes.

Today Inessa makes a valuable contribution to SmartGen, where she ensures a high level of communication with clients thanks to her extensive experience and professional skills.


Education: M.Law, corporate jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Master's thesis in securities market.

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