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Media Coordinator

Polina is a journalist, media coordinator, and editor with experience in finance, investment, environment, and cloud technology in three languages. 


At SmartGen, she is responsible for creating texts and visual materials for external and internal use, administering the website, representing the company on social media, and developing creatives that contribute to how clients perceive the SmartGen brand.


Prior to joining SmartGen, Polina worked in a number of different roles, including journalist, writer and commercial video editor, editor and content writer for online resources, social media marketing manager, proofreader, translator, and copywriter. 


In 2021-2022 she participated in the development of advertising campaigns for SIGNAL MEDIA - the largest distributor in the pay-TV market in Russia, the launch of the pay TV channel Plan B, promotional campaigns for cinema premieres, as well as in the preparation, dubbing, and distribution of Russian entertainment and educational content in Latin America. 


Along with studying for her master's degree and telecom sphere, Polina wrote journalistic texts for an online media site about sustainable lifestyles and renewable energy, for a platform specializing in cloud storage technologies, maintained a telegram channel about scientific discoveries in the field of ecology, wrote and edited scripts for commercial video clips. 


Education: M.A, Media Communications in International Relations, Faculty of Journalism, Moscow State University; B.A, Business Economics, University of Regensburg; B.A Television and Radio Journalism, Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting "Ostankino".

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